Ice CREAM? For cryin' out loud!

Ice Cream?
For cryin' out loud that is the last thing I wrote about!  What was I thinking!  Obviously I was pregnant or nursing or something and my mind was consumed with extra calories (which I'm totally payin' for now!)  Just started working out... again.  Trying to lose the pudge that won't budge from my middle. Besides, my hubby is gone out of town all week (more on this later) and has finally gotten into a routine of working out.  Bonus... he gets free tanning at his gym!  "Memories on the corner of my mind" of a tan, skinny, tall man who rocked my world when I came face to face in the airport called Dallas "LOVE" Field!  Anyway, total tangent.

Back to ice cream!  Is there any way to make me feel better about posting about ice cream? 
I say YES!

Here goes my explanation... what does ice cream do?  It tastes yummy, arouses the taste buds, gives you brain freezes (hey, I want my brain to stay the same-- freeze time, right?), attacks your middle, makes you want to get active more (sometimes), so gets you outdoors and in the gym -- all good right?  Ok so not the best support-- this is it though. Well most of the time I only buy ice cream when there are a lot of people to eat it-- so my family eating it for family night, sunday dinner with friends, cousins getting together, parties, dinner events, Young Men and Young Women activities, Primary Activity Days, Family Reunions, more parties!!!  It brings people together!  It gathers the masses and creates a time of togetherness.  How can that be bad?  I love to gather people together and if that means I write a post about ice cream than so be it.  I'm letting go of the guilt!  Done!

So I was thinking this morning as I was driving kids to piano-- yes before school!  Call me crazy, it won't be the first time!  Anyway, I was thinking why I started a blog.  My thoughts were drawn to many conversations with my mother.  I would ask her about how it was with 11 kids, actual labor, having babies,  how she handled certain situations, how hard it was going through dental school (and ortho school), about being a Relief Society President, about being a bishop's wife and stake president's wife (forever!), about adopting 2 of her sister's kids, about relationships with friends, about LIFE!  Half the time she would say that "we just didn't know any better-- we just dealt with it" or "oh, it was all good" and "we just didn't worry about it."  It seemed that life for my mom was very easy with no worries.  I was shocked and felt so worried that I wasn't handling things right or wasn't good at being a mother and wife.  Then I had a realization.  Not that I didn't trust my mom's answer, I just didn't trust her memory!  My mother was never a journal writer.  Many times I would tell her of a family memory and she would proclaim that she didn't remember it and then ask me if I had written it down.  And if I can forget from one baby to the next how much I hate the final phase of labor (before my pushing part) then I'm sure that my mother could forget a lot of other things.  Hence, why I decided to write a blog...


So now that I am actually waaay behind on those things "TO REMEMBER" I will start again.

(ps. just in case I don't keep my promise... my daughter had surgery it went well, we found out we were pregnant, we went to disneyland, my parents are temple presidents, we had a baby, we are going back to school, McKenna got baptized, life is good-- pique your interest?)

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Lindsey said...

This is great, but is that baby a boy or girl? Yes, my interest is there... Love that you talk with your mom! Hope you are fabulous and cheering on the Rangers!