Color of cups

Okay, so you are probably thinking that my kids name colors that are in this post My skids, My chitlins, My peeps... okay, so the ones who rule the roost! are their favorite colors-- well, even if you aren't wondering, I'm gonna tell ya! They are not their favorite colors (some may be), but they are actually the color of their cups that they use during the day. The kids have used 1 color of cup for the full day for I don't know how long. It makes less dishes, a place to put blame, and order on my countertops... did I mention less dishes? Gotta love that! Am I just an OCD mom or what? (Don't answer that!)

P.S. I do not require Eric to have a specific cup... what do you think I'm crazy!

You're the Man!

Eric, Honey, Muffin Head (only once)... age 3*?@! Can fix anything in our house (I LOVE IT!), can do the "Carlton" (remember Fresh Prince of Bel air?), biggest non-alumni BYU football fanatic I know!

My skids, My chitlins, My peeps... okay, so the ones who rule the roost!

Bayley, Bay, Bay Ray Leburn... age 11. Football rocks, loves to give me hugs (love that!), any team his dad is rootin' for... so is he.

Mallory, Mal, Mal Gal... age 9. The most obedient little girl ever, so artistic (always making stuff), loves to sing (yay for me!).

Collin, Bubber, Bubberlicious... age 7. Totally a character, has the softest cheeks ever (the ones on his face, that is), is a real sneak.

McKenna, Nenna, Nenna Belle... age 6. Singing and dancing are her thing, could do the splits when she was 3, loves to cook.

Kendra, Fuzzy, Fuzzy Britches...age 3 (almost). Feisty, a real fighter, a total parrot (as in "repeater").

These are all my "lovelies"-- they are really great kids that I don't deserve!


We Are Official!

WE ARE BLOGGERS -- well at least trying to be and I'm pretty sure it will just be me posting. Call me a follower-- that is okay by me. Just a few words of warning

1. I like to use the word anyway, ya'll and so... alot!
2. I love to use "..." and "--" . Just look at warning #1.
3. I like to quote movies-- sometimes too much!
4. I exaggerate...a lot! Just ask Eric-- I will say "Honey, you need to hurry up it is almost 10:00." -- when it is actually only 9:15.
5. Sometimes I like you to sing what you read... be prepared.
6. I have the best family, hubby and friends... they make my life fabulous! Be prepared to hear a lot about them and maybe even get sick of them.
7. Like I said before... I like to use "..." and "--"....... a lot!

So here goes the first post.... wish me luck! (I can hear you all screaming-- "LUCK!!") What movie is that from? (warning #3 evidence)