Usually I would say that being sick is the worst... well it is!  Especially strep throat.  I felt it coming on late Saturday night and spent the day at home Sunday totally uncomfortable with a severe head rush headache, swallowing nails, aches and chills.  I was miserable.  So since it hurt my head to move around and hurt to eat I just sat in the family room snuggled under a blanket.  (by the way... 3 other kids got sick the rest of the week!)

I decided since it was Sunday that I would listen to church music.  I turned on my tv and my apple tv. 
It basically connects my computer to my tv-- I can watch my movies that I buy from itunes, listen to my songs from my computer, watch a slideshow of all my pictures stored on my tv, etc.  It is great!  So I was listening to all of my sacred music on my apple tv and then my picture library started.

I sat and watched pictures of people I loved, places we have been, beautiful creations in the world and priceless experiences... all to beautiful music.  I was mesmerized!  
And for a moment...it was worth it to be sick!

You Can Do Hard Things

At the end of February I was able to attend our Stake Conference where a new Stake Relief Society president was put in. She gave a talk where she referenced a girl who was struggling with some things that were really hard.  The girl complained to her teacher how things were hard.  Her teacher then replied... "Yes, it is hard, but YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!"

This struck a chord with me.  I realized that a lot of times in my life I hear myself saying "This is hard".  Most of the time I hear my kids say "This is too hard."  I knew right then and there that my kids needed to learn this lesson... and I did too.

Luckily Family Home Evening was the next night so I could remember my thoughts during Stake Conference. I work well with object lessons so I asked the kids to lift our family room chair at the start of the lesson.  What was their response... "It is too hard!"  They tried... each one lifting with their might... each older child being able to barely move it a little more than the younger.  Then came Dad's turn.  Here he is showing us how it is done.

I told the kids that Dad couldn't lift that on his first try when he was young.  He has developed muscle and learned how to grasp it and balance it above his head.  It was hard at first, but in the end he could do it... because HE CAN DO HARD THINGS!

I proceeded to explain how some things may seem impossible to do in this life and they may seem too hard.  But I told them they can do hard things.. they just have to keep trying, learning, developing and relying on Heavenly Father to help them.  Will they be able to lift the chair tomorrow... no, but one day they will!


Fashion sisters on the same wavelength?  Or just a girl who thinks her beautiful friend put together a classic outfit that she needed to copy?
Well it would be the last one!  My dear friend Brecken is the creator of this outfit!  What are the odds that she would show up to Collin's baptism in the same outfit as me?  Well I guess it is very likely if it is easy to put together and ironed already!  Luckily our friend Erin didn't show up too.. she has these same  pieces too.



So I forgot the post for Collin that said...

8 Things I Love About Collin!
1. Collin is very witty!
2. He is so smart... he just gets things that an 8 year old shouldn't get!
3. Collin is a good friend.
4. Collin loves to pull a Bryan Reagan by calling everyone dude! (because he doesn't know their name)
5. He is not a complainer.
6. He loves to try new food--- his favorite is Sushi!
7.Collin is a looker-- I am gettin' nervous for when he gets older!
8. Collin is independent and is not afraid to do things on his own.

Loves to you, Collin!

Mallory is 10!

My Mal Gal is now 10!  
She celebrated with 6 friends and painted pottery, ate dinner and played at the park.
Ten Things I Love About Mallory

1. She is so sentimental...everything is special!
2. She is sensitive to other's needs!
3. She is still a little girl and naive.
4. She has the most beautiful BIG blue eyes.
5. She is always helpful!
6. She is very obedient!
7. She is a great big sister!
8. She is very creative and artistic.
9. She always tries her very best at whatever she does.
10. She has a great love for her Daddy-- they are close!

Two days later she celebrated with her favorite cousin, Kennedy...
by getting her ears pierced!  She was so surprised when we told her!
This is her laughing and almost giggly crying at the same time-- right after they shot her with the earrings!  My mother will be surprised that I caved so early!  I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 19!  
It was a fun time!


Can you say OUCH!
One split lip, 2 loose teeth, 1 bloody nose and one cut frenum later-- she is still kickin'.  Although she looks a little on the white trashy side!  Poor little girl did a face plant off of a rolley desk chair.  And I'm sure it was a scary sight to her Aunt Kendra who was babysitting-- when she bleeds it is dark, dark blood!

Don't worry, it is not the first time she has gotten beat up. Just look at this post.
And here is more proof...

Ultimate Yumminess!

Food is a passion.  And yummy food is essential to me. I have loved the fact that my hubby loves trying new places and loves exquisite food.  He also loves food I don't like (try Casa Manana & Chalo's-- sorry babe!)  It is a fun hobby for us... trying new great places.

It is a goal of mine to get better at making food that tempts me to overindulge-- not to the point of sickness, extra love handles or chubby cheeks (on both ends). But to the point of complete taste satisfaction.  The type where you eat and don't want to put anything else your mouth for fear of losing the flavor of the delectable last bite.

I experienced this the other day.  I was tempted... by C'est Chique cupcakes.  They are absolutely beautiful cupcakes.  Half of the pleasure of eating something so wonderful is just in the beauty of the food.  I, of course, could not try all the cupcakes at once.   I only ate one cupcake-- it was enough to require another trip back for that ONE cupcake.  Not that I have gone back yet... I am pacing myself... I will return for this DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE.

I ate this with a fork... it was not worth wasting a single morsel by getting it on my face trying to bite into it. 

P.S.  My goal is to replicate this somehow.  I spoke to the baker... he said their secret was extra butter, extra eggs and extra cream!  Oh and by the way-- the frosting is like mousse--not buttercream!! YUMMY!



It has been the month for baptisms here in Colorado.  My poor mother and father went from house to house when all these little ones were born.  Collin was born February 25th, McKayla was born February 28th, Azlyn and Sarandon were born March 20th and Cerra was born May 10th.  Now they are all being baptized within one month.
We are just missing one... baby Cerra... or I guess she is not a baby anymore.  She will be eight soon like the rest of these cute kids!  Collin's baptism was wonderful.  Lots of family and friends that packed the room.  He also had the opportunity to be baptized with a girl in our ward who's family has just become active again.  There was a choice spirit there at the meeting.
I was so afraid one of the kids would fall in. There wasn't a glass wall there to prevent this.  Luckily we all have good balance and stayed dry.
I think he looks cute... all wet!
A great treat was to have Collin's great grandma Mack there.  We loved having her come.

Harley Man

I guess it could be worse... Marlboro Man? Thankfully, it is not that.  I never thought that Eric would own a motorcycle again. He once owned a Honda Shadow to ride to school to keep our parking and commute expenses down.  Well hard times bring on hard choices.  One of our patients couldn't sell his Harley to pay for dental work.  So guess who got the Harley?  Eric wasn't crying too hard about it... it is a nice one and has been kept in pristine condition.  So I introduce to you, my Harley Man.  Doesn't he look it?  In his slacks and dress shirt?


A Well-Dressed Home Book Signing

Sweet Heather Gibb sent me all kinds of pictures and collages of the party.  It was such a success and it all turned out great!  I am excited to keep exploring doing food for parties.  It is something I love, but I worry that it will be slightly different since I am so used to doing my own parties with my own vision and expectations.  We will see how it goes.  In the meantime, enjoy some beautiful pics.