Halloween '09

Raggedy Ann will be played by Kendra Mack.

The Swashbuckling Pirate will be played by none other than Collin Mack.
The Spider Witch will be played by McKenna Mack.

Get-along-little-cowgirl will be played by Miss Mallory Mack.

Mr. Michael Jackson (back from the dead) will be played by Bayley Mack.

"Lots of noise & chaos" will be played by all our friend's crazy kids!

Fast Track 10/23/09 to 10/30/09

New place in town "My Favorite Muffin"-- had to try it with all 12 kids!  It was nummy!

Annual Halloween craft day with the Nugents. There is always dancin' and singin'.

And some face paintin' and crafts.

LOTs -n- LOTs of snow!

Jose Mack-- Eric on a dental trip without me so he doesn't have to shave!  Thank goodness this mustache was nowhere to be found when he got home!

There is a reason we don't pray around our bed-- I thought this was a fun pic!

Fast Track 9/19/09 to 10/20/09

Family pics-- just took a quick photo on the side!

Daddy daughter activity.

Costco & Walmart run--yes the kids are in the car!

Kendra turns 3-- yes, the middle candle is a tea light!

Goofy friends Erin Jensen & Adam Christofferson.

Halloween baking day with cousins!

Denver Zoo with friends--our first time there even though we have lived here 3 years!

BYU vs. Oklahoma 9/5/09

BYU played Oklahoma in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium... so of course we had to be there.  It was a great game!  And an awesome stadium!

I got to sit with my sister Lex since my hubby ditched me for better seats.

What a beautiful field!

Decked out in Cougar blue!

The biggest screen I have ever seen!
What a game!

Fast Track 6/26/09 to 8/7/09

Cousins visit

Texas trip to see cousins!

McKenna needs stitches from Dad.

Bayley gets his Arrow of Light with his best friend, Ryan Swanson.

First day of school 2009-2010.


The Basement

We lowered the floor in our basement 
(Eric is 6'5"-- he needs head space).

So the stairs had to come off (and were changed).
Eric's brother Levi was the grunt worker.

The crawl space under our family room was dug out. To get the dirt out we went through our garage under the foundation-- this is the start of the dirt ramp to dig down to the crawl space.

This is the new lowered floor and the new stairs.

The walls in the newly dug crawl space getting ready for the concrete walls.

The wall to the crawl space is now poured and this is the outside wall in the garage floor.

The new cement poured in the garage floor-- we made it memorable with our handprints.  Now we get to park in our garage-- after 5 months!

Summer BBQ w/ Friends 6/22/09

Can't have a summer without a BBQ with friends!

My friend Marilee's cute prego belly (sorry Mar, had to share it)

Paul helping and sittin' at the kiddie table with Kendra.

Gotta have marshmallows!

The moms finishing off the leftovers in the kitchen!

BYU visit 6/20/09

We never seem to make it out of Utah without visiting BYU, 
catchin' a game of BYU bowling and 
now J Dawgs.

Batter up... I mean bowler up!

Obviously a strike!

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone!

Waitin' patiently for our "dawgs".

MMM... satisfaction!

If you've never been to J Dawgs in Provo-- it is the best $3 hot dog and drink you will ever have!