"School, Glorious, School!"

Name the movie? Can I just say that I LOVE school after a long summer? Well I do! I LOVE school when my kids have gotten bored with every fun thing I have thrown at them. I LOVE school when my house is tired of getting messy every 5 minutes. I LOVE school when my ears tire of hearing my children bicker, argue, fight-- all kids do it (if you don't admit it you are not for real!). I LOVE school when my life lacks routine. Don't get me wrong... in a few long months I will not LOVE school!

"Kill the Wabbit!"

Do you see how I am quoting movies/tv shows! But I didn't kill this wabbit on purpose. It got itself stuck in the net when the net fell over in a big storm. We think he went nuts after getting a foot caught and then got all tangled up. We found it like this (the 1st pic). After clipping some of the net he "flopped" out like this and stared at me! Poor wabbit-- we were so busy we didn't get to have a funeral for "bunny wunny II". (this is a common name for dead animals from when I was growing up) Oh and even if we did have a funeral I wouldn't have been able to because I don't have my old toy trumpet to play taps on. Poor little wabbit!