My skids, My chitlins, My peeps... okay, so the ones who rule the roost!

Bayley, Bay, Bay Ray Leburn... age 11. Football rocks, loves to give me hugs (love that!), any team his dad is rootin' for... so is he.

Mallory, Mal, Mal Gal... age 9. The most obedient little girl ever, so artistic (always making stuff), loves to sing (yay for me!).

Collin, Bubber, Bubberlicious... age 7. Totally a character, has the softest cheeks ever (the ones on his face, that is), is a real sneak.

McKenna, Nenna, Nenna Belle... age 6. Singing and dancing are her thing, could do the splits when she was 3, loves to cook.

Kendra, Fuzzy, Fuzzy Britches...age 3 (almost). Feisty, a real fighter, a total parrot (as in "repeater").

These are all my "lovelies"-- they are really great kids that I don't deserve!

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Unknown said...

They are so big!!! Yeah for blogging! Welcome to the world.