Usually I would say that being sick is the worst... well it is!  Especially strep throat.  I felt it coming on late Saturday night and spent the day at home Sunday totally uncomfortable with a severe head rush headache, swallowing nails, aches and chills.  I was miserable.  So since it hurt my head to move around and hurt to eat I just sat in the family room snuggled under a blanket.  (by the way... 3 other kids got sick the rest of the week!)

I decided since it was Sunday that I would listen to church music.  I turned on my tv and my apple tv. 
It basically connects my computer to my tv-- I can watch my movies that I buy from itunes, listen to my songs from my computer, watch a slideshow of all my pictures stored on my tv, etc.  It is great!  So I was listening to all of my sacred music on my apple tv and then my picture library started.

I sat and watched pictures of people I loved, places we have been, beautiful creations in the world and priceless experiences... all to beautiful music.  I was mesmerized!  
And for a moment...it was worth it to be sick!

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