Easy on the Eggs!

How come I am the last to know about food coloring to dye eggs?  Everyone must know about this except me because I don't ever hear or see anyone gettin' all frazzled about going to the store and getting those egg dyeing kits--- like I did every year.  Leave it to Martha to enlighten me (Martha Stewart for those of you non-crafters, non over-top-make-you-want-to-throw-up-because-she-is-so-over-the-top-woman kind of women).  She did include... in this easter egg decorating ideas spread... all natural ways to dye eggs and a few other 
in-depth ways to decorate.  Yet she then included the easiest of all easy ways... food coloring!  I was under the impression that you had to have that little colored tablet... you know the ones that look like those plaque disclosing tablets that makes all your teeth pink if you don't brush good enough?  I'm not even sure if they give those away anymore at the dentist... and my husbands a dentist!  (Tangent, I know)  So from now on, it is food coloring all the way.  I do have to say that I missed the fizzing of the little tablet once the vinegar was added.  But convenience is key sometimes!
Isn't it interesting the difference of Kendra's fingers and Mallory's fingers.  I have decided I need to post about that so that others can understand... and so it can be documented.

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