It has been the month for baptisms here in Colorado.  My poor mother and father went from house to house when all these little ones were born.  Collin was born February 25th, McKayla was born February 28th, Azlyn and Sarandon were born March 20th and Cerra was born May 10th.  Now they are all being baptized within one month.
We are just missing one... baby Cerra... or I guess she is not a baby anymore.  She will be eight soon like the rest of these cute kids!  Collin's baptism was wonderful.  Lots of family and friends that packed the room.  He also had the opportunity to be baptized with a girl in our ward who's family has just become active again.  There was a choice spirit there at the meeting.
I was so afraid one of the kids would fall in. There wasn't a glass wall there to prevent this.  Luckily we all have good balance and stayed dry.
I think he looks cute... all wet!
A great treat was to have Collin's great grandma Mack there.  We loved having her come.

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jensenfamily said...

I hope Eric gave you the message that I didn't realize Sverre's grand opening of his project was that weekend, so we were doing stuff for that on Sat. I hope the baptism was great and we'll just have to meet your family at the next one! that cupcake looks delicious, where is that place? hope to see you soon! erin