Ultimate Yumminess!

Food is a passion.  And yummy food is essential to me. I have loved the fact that my hubby loves trying new places and loves exquisite food.  He also loves food I don't like (try Casa Manana & Chalo's-- sorry babe!)  It is a fun hobby for us... trying new great places.

It is a goal of mine to get better at making food that tempts me to overindulge-- not to the point of sickness, extra love handles or chubby cheeks (on both ends). But to the point of complete taste satisfaction.  The type where you eat and don't want to put anything else your mouth for fear of losing the flavor of the delectable last bite.

I experienced this the other day.  I was tempted... by C'est Chique cupcakes.  They are absolutely beautiful cupcakes.  Half of the pleasure of eating something so wonderful is just in the beauty of the food.  I, of course, could not try all the cupcakes at once.   I only ate one cupcake-- it was enough to require another trip back for that ONE cupcake.  Not that I have gone back yet... I am pacing myself... I will return for this DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE.

I ate this with a fork... it was not worth wasting a single morsel by getting it on my face trying to bite into it. 

P.S.  My goal is to replicate this somehow.  I spoke to the baker... he said their secret was extra butter, extra eggs and extra cream!  Oh and by the way-- the frosting is like mousse--not buttercream!! YUMMY!


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