Mallory is 10!

My Mal Gal is now 10!  
She celebrated with 6 friends and painted pottery, ate dinner and played at the park.
Ten Things I Love About Mallory

1. She is so sentimental...everything is special!
2. She is sensitive to other's needs!
3. She is still a little girl and naive.
4. She has the most beautiful BIG blue eyes.
5. She is always helpful!
6. She is very obedient!
7. She is a great big sister!
8. She is very creative and artistic.
9. She always tries her very best at whatever she does.
10. She has a great love for her Daddy-- they are close!

Two days later she celebrated with her favorite cousin, Kennedy...
by getting her ears pierced!  She was so surprised when we told her!
This is her laughing and almost giggly crying at the same time-- right after they shot her with the earrings!  My mother will be surprised that I caved so early!  I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 19!  
It was a fun time!

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