I love summer!  For the bounty. Toasted tomato sandwiches are a fave!  But I do have to say we got tired of zucchini.  Somehow we got one/two plants too many.  Now my freezer is stocked full of shredded zucchini. So glad I learned that tip. I just picked my grapes two days ago and hope to juice them soon. Where is my mom and dad when I need them?  Oh yeah, in Armenia being faithful! Now the summer is officially over for me-- we had our first snow today.  Most of my beds are barren and will be for a long winter.  This post is a start to our summer activities. (Yes, I know-- I am behind, but I will catch up fast...I will definitely have it done before Christmas!)


Tamara said...

Your veggies look beautiful! Good tip about the shredded zucchini - I didn't know that either. I'm glad you got your grapes picked before today - save a me a glass of that juice :)

Brecken said...

Amazing! Your garden skills are so impressive. I'm in awe.

jensenfamily said...

I love long updates! Sverre is hunting this weekend and I just picked up like 50 chick flicks from the library and looking forward to no cooking as well!! And WUA-LA, looks like we'll be having a similar weekend!!:)