The Juice

So I finally was able to juice my grapes.  I didn't even have to take off the stems or anything.  Love it! They were just steamed to release their juice.  We had our first glass today and it was luscious. I wished my parents had been here to help guide me along with the whole process... they are pros at the whole grape thing.  They probably would have gotten bored fast though-- I only have one vine and so I could only get 5 quarts out of all my grapes.  They usually get tons from their grapevines in Texas.  I made some mistakes, but will definitely do it again next year.  

Grapes and grape juice remind me of 5 things... 

1.My dad insisting that we take grape juice on campouts ( with tons of ice in our green coleman thermos)
2. My dad swirling his grape juice in his cup with ice so it gets really cold then drinking it and saying "ahhhh, good"
3. My parents garage in Texas filled with bushels of grapes (startin' to turn into wine)
4. Passing a plate of grapes around the table at every family gathering (and then passing it again cuz no one took any)
5. And finally my kids gettin' the runs/rash/leg burns from too much acid from eating too many grapes all summer at Grandma and Granpa's!  

For the love of grapes!


Brecken said...

I am officially jealous of your domestic abilities...you're a goddess!

Shaneen said...

I am cracking up! My favorite was #4!!! It brings back memories!