Great website!

Ever wonder what is exactly in a movie?  Why it is rated a certain rating?  Well, I absolutely love this website!  When your kid's friends say that "oh it is not that bad"-- now you can find out how really bad (or good) it is.  It breaks it down completely-- especially violence, gore, profanity, sex and nudity.  It is all there.  It rates it by how many times these things happen, by severity of words and it actually tells you all about the show and what happens at those certain parts.  It is a story spoiler for you as an adult, but it saves the heartache of going to see a movie that some friend of a friend said was "not that bad".  Check it out!

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Brecken said...

Thanks for posting this. That is great info to have on hand. Hope you are braving your first week without Eric well. We need to do a girls night while he is gone!