Sad and Happy!

My hubby is gone... for 2 weeks!  It is Alaska all over again.  He is in New York for a dental sedation course.

I am sad because I'm all alone with 5 kids and no one to talk to when the day is done.  I'm sad because I get tired and there is no one to help me get stuff done when I'm tired.  I'm sad because I haven't had a good meal in days.. I know it is my fault.  I'm sad because my kids miss their daddy.  I'm sad because there is no hubby to snuggle with after I finish watching my girly shows that get me all... fluttery!

But you know I am happy at the same time. I don't have to cook nice meals... it is a good break.  I'm happy because I can watch whatever girly show I want to late at night-- no sports every night! I'm happy because my kids will love their daddy that much more when he comes home.  I'm happy because I know it will be a good reunion when he comes home... he he he! I'm happy because I know that there needs to be a husband and a wife... together.  The plan is right!

Wish me luck... on my own... for two weeks!

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