I love...

My Cutco knives!  I got them for Christmas almost 2 years ago.  Although it took me a while to not cut myself, I absolutely love them now.  I was cutting with them today--loving how easily I could chop.  They are a great investment (and a great gift, you men readers out there...although I don't know many men who read blogs).

My Mother!  She called me today and I got to chat with her for awhile.  I miss her.  She is in Armenia serving a mission with my Dad.  She has been through it all and taught me so much in the process.  She is the one who I get my love of recipes from, my love of making bread, my dirty brown hair from, my love of entertaining, my love of buying more and more dishes to entertain on, my love of old movies and my love of mowing the lawn.  Things I wish I had from her are her crystal blue eyes, her hairless legs, her "going with the flow" and just how solid she is... I call her a rock-- nothin' shakes her!  I love her and can't wait for her to come home in September.

My Yukon XL.  And I say this today because it has been snowing all day.  Every time I get in it in the snow, I just love it more and more.  It has all wheel drive, it has seat warmers, it has tons of cargo space for all the snow gear, it has tons of people space for all my family, and it has an auto start (we put that in... thanks to living in Alaska).  It was such a smart purchase... a vehicle that we now own (WooHoo!).  Now mine doesn't look this nice anymore, but you get the picture!

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