Oh, what do you do if you're a Mack...

You get tickets for treats!
(April 2010)

 You shoot guns in AZ! Even fake ones.
(Arizona trip, April 2010)

You look goofy in ear muffs!

 You aim real good!

You learn you still hate guns!

You run in a race...
(HEX May, 2010)

and get real tired!

You get cheered on by your cousin!

You tug with your classmates!

You get cold in the wind!

You teach a class...

on this subject.
 (April 2010)

 You accessorize the room!

You go see the dentist!

(May 2010)

You find a new dentist!

 You make boats out of household objects...
(May 2010)

the boat sinks... you work on other skills!

 You sing in a choir...

and have lots of fun!
(May 2010)

You sing a solo!

You boogie with your buddies!

 You brush up on your skills at BYU Father/Sons sports camp!
(May 2010)

 You get "Fredette" on your jersey!

You become buddies with Fredette...

 and Coach Rose (Bayley is popular)!

 You sit in an apostle's chair (Delbert L. Stapley's)
 You visit the old Tabernacle.

 You sit in church.
(June 2010)

You be weally, weally reverent!

You pretend you like your doctor.
(June 2010, CATH procedure)

You golf at the luxurious Sanctuary with your brother-in-law thanks to connections with one of your patients.
(June 2010)

You play in a piano recital with your brother and sisters.
(June 2010)

You donate blood for your daughter and get an ugly t-shirt.
(June 2010)

You go to a wedding...
(July 2010, Levi & Sarah Mack)

 and meet a beautiful bride!

You have fun with family.

You get angry with the photographer!

You look dashing with your brothers!

You meet a friend with a heart like yours!
(priceless... he picked her out of the crowd thinking that she needed oxygen!)

 You say goodbye to purple lips and go in for heart surgery #3.
(July 7, 2010)

You come home from the hospital... happy as a clam!
(July 18, 2010)
(more on this stuff in a separate post)

 You go to scout camp!
(July 2010)

You try to announce to everyone that we're having a baby...
(July 2010)

 a boy!

You go to your first day of school!
(August 2010)

You have fun playing in the yard!
(August 2010)

You show off your recent battle scars...

 and your new zest for life!

 You have fun teasing a brother.

 You hate being teased!

You sit back and enjoy the view!

You show some love to a sister!

You play catch with an odd "ball"!

You wait in anticipation.

You enjoy the beauty of nature!

 You visit close friends in Texas... and fit in some golf, too!
(August 2010)

You paint some furniture...
(August 2010)

lots of furniture!

 You get scary facials!
(August 2010)

You move a 600 pound I-beam.
(September 2010)

You enlist 20 friends to move it...

 all with muscle!

 You go to your first day of Preschool.
(September 2010)

You build a floor in your basement.
(September 2010)

 You get sticky...

learning to do peaches.
(September 2010)

You realize you are now thankful your parents taught you how to do this when you were young!

Your kids reap the rewards of their labor!

You do peaches again...

only this time you can them!
(September 2010)

You love your creation!  You drop six jars and cry like a baby.  Your teenage son comforts you!

You travel to Florida for what else...

 the BYU game!
They lost... bad weekend!
(September 2010)

You do temple baptisms with your cousins!
(September 2010)

You love your mother...

 and your grandma!

 You wish your parents could visit more!

 You appreciate your parents example!

 You sit and wait for others to come out of the temple... and enjoy the view while you're at it!

 You try to act cool!

You enjoy time together...

and look beautiful doing it.

 You search for grapes from your yard with your grandpa!
(September 2010)

 You pretend to not like it, but you do!

 You interview your grandpa for a school project.

 You love on your little cousin!

 You can grape juice...

from lots of grapes!
(September 2010)

 You get tired of grapes!

You have a party...
 a fabulous "girlie" party!
(October 2010, Kendra's 4th Birthday)

 You drink pink lemonade...

with colored sugar too!

You eat dainty sandwiches and luscious berries!

 You laugh with your cousin...

and cry if you want to!

You celebrate with cake...

and eat it too!

You go to the dentist...to get stitches!
(October 2010, Collin's hand)

 You get a beautiful baby grand for your anniversary! You love your hubby!
(October 2010)

You got to Disneyland for fall break!  You have a blast!
(October 2010)
(more on this later)

You let your nephew borrow your Miss Scarlet costume!
(October 2010)

You dress up... and look fabulous...

and get a little crazy!

 You roast marshmallows...

 and burn them!

 You enjoy the simple things in life!
(October 2010)

 You realize it is halloween... hence the mustache!

 You keep cooking marshmallows...

 and burn some more!

 You have fun with capes...

 and cousins...

and learn how to fly with them...

 and then try it without them!

 You get staticky!

 You let your nieces be silly with capes!


and again...

and again...

and again!
You notice the lone arm and eye at the bottom of the picture!  You have a good chuckle!

 You go to the BYU games with friends and see your cousin play.
(November 2010)

You ski, ski, ski!
(November 2010)

You get fat...on purpose!
(December 2010, 8 months pregnant)

You decorate for Christmas.
(December 2010)

You realize you didn't take these pictures...

your kids did!

 You do the nativity with your cousins.
(December 2010)

You look like a true star!

You let the sheep accompany you while singing a christmas carol.

 You let a donkey into your family room.

 You indulge in the luxuries of this day and age.... mmm bottles!

You listen to your cousins sing beautifully!

 You decorate your gingerbread house!
(December 2010)

 You serve yummy food...

for a party!
(December 2010)

You visit the nursing home...

and watch with the old people!
(December 2010)

 You play a christmas carol...

and sing beautiful songs.

You play a duet with your Aunt...

and sing some more!

You hide from Saunta Clause.
(December 2010)

You eat... before opening presents!

You love your gifts!

You are surprised with a dirt bike!

You have contractions and go into labor...two weeks early!
(December 30, 2010)


Brecken said...

loved your update! The last pic of you before you had little Houston is cute - you were adorable pregnant!

Leslie said...

love this post! and you named him Houston? love it! your family is beautiful and so blessed. :)

Marissa Coco Richmond said...

This post is awesome. I love how long it is the pictures were great. I bet it took a long time so Thank you!!!

Tosha said...

Thanks, Brecken-- I was trying to stay cute along with you. It was so fun being pregnant at the same time!

Leslie, you are so kind. Don't you love the name... brings back good memories of dental school together!

Riss, it is a long post... I hope I don't ever have to do it again. That is my goal... to keep up! Luv ya!

Marilee said...

Such a CUTE post Tosh! Can't wait to hear more, and SEE more! I want pictures of Houston PLEASE!!!!