Remnants of Valentines

I was quite surprised when Eric walked in from Bayley's basketball practice with one of these for each of our girls (including myself).  It was quite sweet and the girls loved the attention from the first "MAN IN THEIR LIFE".  I put mine in my bathroom to enjoy while I do my morning routine.

Each of the girls put their rose in their room or bathroom to admire.  They were all giddy to each have their own rose.

Our annual tradition of a picnic with the family is one we look forward to every year since we lived in Houston. The only problem is we have lived in very cold places since Houston and picnics don't always work out. This year I opted to eat in the dining room since the kids never get to eat at the "big kids" table (and we were eating soup-- hard to eat on the floor).  Excuse the messy dining room and lack of festive decorations-- I was lucky just to get dinner on that night!

We enjoyed fresh butternut squash soup with a dollop of cream hearts, ham, havarti & spinach panini sandwiches with fresh strawberries & nutella (not pictured).  It was very delicious.

But now I've gotta think of what we can do different than a Valentine's picnic next year.  Any ideas? What does your family do for Valentine's day?

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Marissa Coco Richmond said...

LOOKS yummy! so cute