ODE to JOY!!

Wonderful News!

Blue Bell ice cream is finally coming to COLORADO!

I had the radio on quietly this morning while taking kids to school and a radio commercial came on...

"Do you love Blue Bell Ice cream?"

My ears perked up and I turned up the radio.  I almost swerved off the road when it said the luscious ice cream was coming to Colorado on March 14th!!!  This is a Texas favorite... one that we would pick up on our way back from Texas at the last possible place... stocking up on it in coolers with dry ice... only for it to be gone in a week.

That was my only perk when Kendra was in the hospital when she was first born-- they sold Blue Bell ice cream at Russell Stover chocolate store.  I would get it on my way home from the hospital.  I am elated that I don't have to have a kid in the hospital to get my fix now!

So if you get invited to a party soon, it will probably be a celebration with Blue Bell Ice Cream

{ps If you don't believe me go here!}


Lindsey said...

That is just beyond fabulous news! I just went and woke my husband up to tell him!!! (He's not as excited.) Blue Bell parties are the best! I bought the 3 gallon vanilla tub from Outback Steakhouse for a party here - was delightful! And - I completely love your previous post! Someday we will make it back out west so our kids can meet! Enjoy some yummy cookies and cream for me...and think of me stuck with Breyers

Brecken said...

You love your Blue Bell like I love my yummy drinks! BTW, I'm totally craving your homemade lemonade tonight.;)