Out of the mouths of babes

{Kendra in her "girlie" scarf I made her for Christmas}

Sweet Kendra was in my closet while I was getting ready this morning and she said, "Mommy, when I grow up, can I be a mommy..." and there was a slight pause so I was about to answer her "YES".  But then she said "... and wear high heels?"

Have I taught her nothing about motherhood?  That it is not all high heels and roses!  {Is that the right phrase?}  Maybe I have painted motherhood as being glamorous with all my high heel wearing.  I guess I need to wear more flats and tennis shoes so she realizes that there is more to motherhood than high heels.  

There is dirty diapers, spit up, crying, messy rooms, dishes, laundry, more crying...
and for me, some serious high heel wearing!

{some of my favorite heels in my collection}

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Garnet said...

That is EXACTLY what this mom needs more of! Seriously. Although, I don't know where I would wear heels like that. I'm pretty sure they would throw me out of church here in Iowa. But oh how my heart yearns for the opportunity :)