I'm Alive!

Life standing still?  Not a chance!  Have I been standing still-- not even!  I may have seemed non-existant for awhile, but I'm alive!  

With that phrase, it makes me think of a song-- as always!  A favorite from a cheesy movie of my childhood.  My hubs will be shocked that I am putting this movie on our family blog because he thinks it is one of the stupidest movies... EVER!  But I loved it for the music.  If you've never seen it, rent it for some laughs.  If you just need a good pick me up, borrow the music from me.


gotta love it!

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Heidi said...

Oh goodness! We totally have that soundtrack. Kent LOVES ONJ but would probably be angry at me for outting him like this. :) Great song! Hope you're doing well. Need to see some pics of the babe...