Flowers, Chocolates... Promises You Don't Intend to Keep!

It is this last phrase that I need to refer to.  By the way, the movie?  Name it!  No big hints for you though... a disney great, singing, a girl and a beast.. I mean, boy/prince!  Ahhh, stink!  I think it is late... again and I just gave away the secret to the phrase.  

Anyway,  time has long since gone since that night of... weakness, sadness, reality. loneliness, whatever you want to call it.  I apologize for the absence.  Right now I am talking to myself because you as the reader I'm sure could care less if I write or not... but I care.  I have missed a bunch.  It is funny how I say that I am talking to myself.  It is late... again--2:00 to be exact.  I went through a tired phase, then morphed through it and decided to post a quick little jig... I mean tidbit.  

You may think that I talk to myself only late at night. Actually right now I am writing to myself, so talking in my head to myself. (I'm getting very confused)  My point is... I talk to myself a lot.  Ask my kids.  I think I learned this from my Mother-- she talked to herself a lot, too. Is this really something you can learn from someone else or is it just in your character? Why, you may ask do I participate in this crazy endeavor? It gives me clarity, understanding, helps me solidify my thoughts and what I'm going to say.  I have very interesting conversations with myself... if I do say so myself. (Hey it's late, I can get cocky!)  I don't feel like I speak eloquently with real people, so maybe I am subconsciously making up for my lack of beautiful conversations.  

So tangent aside- "Promises you don't intend to keep".  I think I promised myself that I would write on this blog more frequently and not fall behind in my inclusion of fabulous Mack experiences.  Like I said "Promises you don't intend to keep."  Well, I am going to try again.

Much has transpired since my last post-- I was consumed then.  I am consumed now because the consuming of my life then took over and therefore has pushed my other life responsibilities to now.  I AM IN OVERLOAD!

I figured it out though today... we do everything ourselves.  If a room needs painted, we paint it.  If a basement needs finished, we finish it.  If a house needs cleaning, we clean it.  If a lawn needs mowed, we mow it.  If a fan needs installing, we install it.  Most normal people hire a contractor to finish their basement.  Lots of women nowadays (is that a word?) have someone come and clean their home.  People have lawn care crews weedeat and mow.  No, not us!  We like to do it all ourselves!  Which takes  away our time from other realities... like playing with kids, attending sporting events, church callings, making dinner, etc.  I guess what I'm saying right now is... we are in a circus... we are juggling... and life is overwhelmingly busy with the things we "could" pay someone to do.  But we save our pennies, spend our time and our sanity getting it done.

Now I am not saying that everyone else is not busy and that "hiring out" these jobs is bad.  It is just taking up my mind space and my time. Golly gee-- I must be nuts!  I am sure that if we weren't doing those things and paying someone to do them that we would fill our time up with other activities and necessities and feel overwhelmed with those.  Vicious, vicious cycle! 

Oh, wo is me!

But I promise.. I will survive and post, post, post all that has happened this wonderful summer.
(After we finish the basement, paint the rooms, mow the lawn and clean house... etc.)

"Promises you don't intend to keep..."


Brecken said...

You are hilarious!...and crazy nuts for being up that late blogging! It's so funny that you wrote this post. I've been feeling the same way!

jensenfamily said...

love reading your updates, so fun
that dress is from shabbyapple.com - i just went on there and you would look super cute in every one of those cute dresses with your little body. love erin lynn nelson jensen

Marissa Coco Richmond said...

I like the "Promises you dont intend to keep" I can just here his little accent. Hahaha good post