Yummy food!

I started thinking the other day about how much I talk about liking to cook and yummy food. Well my brother (Love ya, Todd) emailed me after he browsed through our family cookbook.  He questioned if I really made all the lengthy recipes that I submitted.  I do... just not all the time.  In my search for good recipes I have found some that I love.  So since my family doesn't live with me to see my cooking... here is proof that I make some of my labor intensive recipes.  This is a new one...

Filet of Beef Piled High With Sauteed Mushrooms and Fried Leeks

The mushrooms don't actually go on the mashed potatoes, but Eric wanted an extra helping of the mushrooms.  I also wish that I had thought about taking a picture before I put the food on a totally distracting plate.  Oh well, you get the picture... good food!

P.S. This is not our healthiest of meals... we don't always eat like this... only when we want something absolutely delicious!

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