Tired of Travel

I love to travel and so does my husband.  My kids love to travel, too.  We do it well, at least I think so.  And I have told myself that I will never tire of it.  But I have to admit that after these last 3 trips I am tired of traveling.  Scratch that.  I think I am just tired of being gone.  

When you are gone over the weekend nothing gets done around the house.  Like cleaning the bathrooms, weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, playing with friends, etc.  And, of course, I could do these things during the week (yes, I do mow & weedeat-- is that a word?), but the problem is that we have been leaving every weekend.  We come home, do the basics and then get ready to go out of town again.  

Our ward (the church we go to) thinks we are inactive.  I don't blame them.  Our lack of being sighted at any event is evidence of our inactivity status.  But this week I am making a showing and then dashing out of town again.  I am heading to LA to meet my hubby and one of his female staff members for continuing ed.

That opens a new topic... my hubby works with all women. So when he takes a trip with them for dental stuff I have  get to tag along.  It is a blessing and a curse.  Luckily this time, I can spend my time with a good friend who recently moved from here to LA.  Can't wait for that!

Anyway, I shouldn't complain-- we have had some great experiences on our travels recently.  We went to good 'ole Thatcher Arizona to attend the new temple open house.  It was lovely and so quaint. We were able to stay with Eric's grandmother-- a spunky woman whom we all love.  And see Eric's Dad, Mom and a bunch of family.  Something I just realized was that we didn't get a single pic of the temple-- the cameras were locked away in the car as we were asked to do.  Bummer!  But we did get some pics of us shooting guns-- yes, I shot a gun-- it hurt my shoulder. I only shot once... that was enough. I will post those later.

Then the next weekend we didn't have to be out of town, but Eric was going to be in Colorado Springs-- so we thought, "Why not, let's go down with him."  It was nice to see where he works for the weekends with the Airforce Reserves once a month.  I could've stayed home, but we wanted to be with him.

Then it was on to Texas for me to surprise my older sister, Tammy for her 40th.  All of my sisters were able to go and surprise her, help her decorate her home and finish up some projects.  Oh, and shop a little too.  It was so fun for all of us. I loved it!  I will post more pics of that too.

I am exhausted now and too lazy to put on cute pics right now. It will have to wait until after my next trip this weekend.  

Soon our lives will be back to normal, right?  We all know that is a lie!

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Marilee said...

I'm glad that your travel brought you to me this time and that tomorrow it will bring you to me again!!!! YIPEE!!!! I'm SOOOOO excited! Thanks for letting me hang with you and thanks for coming up to see Adam and the kids! It brought me such comfort to know that even though we don't live there any more, when we do get together, it doesn't seem like a day has passed since we saw you last! Love you tons! See you tomorrow!