We Are Official!

WE ARE BLOGGERS -- well at least trying to be and I'm pretty sure it will just be me posting. Call me a follower-- that is okay by me. Just a few words of warning

1. I like to use the word anyway, ya'll and so... alot!
2. I love to use "..." and "--" . Just look at warning #1.
3. I like to quote movies-- sometimes too much!
4. I exaggerate...a lot! Just ask Eric-- I will say "Honey, you need to hurry up it is almost 10:00." -- when it is actually only 9:15.
5. Sometimes I like you to sing what you read... be prepared.
6. I have the best family, hubby and friends... they make my life fabulous! Be prepared to hear a lot about them and maybe even get sick of them.
7. Like I said before... I like to use "..." and "--"....... a lot!

So here goes the first post.... wish me luck! (I can hear you all screaming-- "LUCK!!") What movie is that from? (warning #3 evidence)

1 comment:

Garnet said...

Yeah Tosh! There are some blogs that just oooze personality. It's like you can read the blog and totally hear the author's voice in your head. I can already tell yours is gonna be one of those blogs. Hooray for you. PS. The kids are gorgeous!