Parties are over!

So the parties have ended.  I am sad to see something so fun end, but not sad about the hustle and bustle being over with. (sigh)

I do not have any pics to post from last nights book signing-- I was a little busy.  Hopefully I will get some soon from Heather, the photographer for the evening.   We had a great turnout-- my last count was 70 women!  All wonderful women enjoying talking to Annette Tatum (designer and writer of this book The Well-Dressed Home), looking at Leslie Lewis' jewelry (sold here), enjoying photography by Heather Gibb (here), talking and looking at products from my dear friend and my esthetician, Shauna Gillespie from La Creme (email her), looking at fun house stuff from Old Glory Antiques (here) and then eating my food.  No I don't have a blog yet about my food and parties, but I hope it is coming.

Such fun!  Now on to cleaning up my forgotten house!

Oh and by the way-- I have a fabulous hubby.  I asked him to pick up something last minute from the store before the party and he came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Gotta love him for thinking of me on my stressful and eventful night!  They were beautiful!  And when I came home at 11 o'clock last night-- my kitchen was absolutely clean! He is the best!

 I left all my stuff in the car and hopped right into bed... makeup on and all!  Shhh, don't tell my esthetician!

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Brecken said...

You're hilarious! And amazing at everything food related. I am in love with your oreo truffles! Everything was beautiful and yummy! great job!