Catchin' up to the present (1/09 to summer)

January 2009 to summer
Kendra gets stares when she is purple. And she got stares when she was black and blue! She fell on our front concrete step and hit her cheek!
Easter morning-- bed head, bad breath yet they still love each other.
"What's the matter? Do you need something?"
Late spring snow. Can't believe this will be coming again soon.
I love my handyman hubby. Here he is replacing my stove top (from in the countertop). Now I can boil water faster! Loves to you, honey!
Gotta get me one of these! We used it for the scouts blue and gold banquet. Eric couldn't get enough of it.
Tickets for Treats! Do something good= a ticket. Tickets= buy treats from Mom. Kendra LOVED the personal packages of marshmallows.
More good kids spending their hard earned tickets.
Best kids ever! We came home from out of town to this-- kids that got themselves ready for church AND made signs to welcome us home! Gotta love 'em!

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